3 Interesting Facts About Liguria

Liguria is one of the best Italian coastlines that hold tourist traffic from all over the globe. Known as the Italian Riviera, the shore finds its location along the north-western part of Italy. Along the coastline are numerous beaches, bays, and coves. It’s also a home for a variety of fishing villages where tourists can enjoy a variety of Italian cushiness.

You may be wondering, why should I visit the coastline? If this is you, you have come to the right page. In this article is a list of 3 interesting facts about Liguria. Consider reading the whole text and see the reasons why your next holiday destination must be Liguria boasts.

1. An incredible coastline

The Liguria coastline extends up to 340 kilometers. The lengthy shoreline holds a wide range of beautiful sceneries. These include towering hilltop cliffs, hidden caves, and long sandy beaches. For hiking visitors, they can relax and enjoy swimming in the blue waters. Jet skiing, surfing, and sailing are also available to make your visit more fun and memorable.

2. Offers a beautiful while watching site

Among the most common water species along the coastline, waters are sperm whales. Whale watching is one of the most memorable sceneries that travelers will not love to miss. The beautiful thing is that there are unique boats designed to offer the best experience in this activity. Also, you’ll have a marine biologist in your boat who will provide you with specialized knowledge about the species.

3. It’s a home for historical travelers

Genoa, a city in this coastline, is one of the most growing cities in the region. It’s a city with history being the birthplace for historical travelers such as Christopher Columbus born in the year 1451. It’s, therefore, an excellent destination for historical researchers,

These are three of the main reasons why you should consider spending your next holiday at Liguria coastlines. Your time here will be a lifetime memory, and you’ll have nothing to give you regrets – click article on italy must see list.

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